Shiloh Emergency Heating & Furnace Repair

Losing heat during winter can be a dangerous situation. Fortunately, residents in West Manchester Township can rely on RiverView Mechanical for 24 hour heater repair service. Call us today at 717-810-7276!

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Shiloh 24 Hour Heating Repair Service

Some heating problems are okay to wait to schedule an appointment, while others require immediate attention. But, how do you know the difference?

Here are the most common heating situations that warrant calling for emergency heating repair.

  • Electrical Issues: Problems like frequent breaker trips, electrical buzzing, and humming, or lights flickering when your system is running are signs of serious electrical problems that could be dangerous if you let them go.
  • Loud Heater Operation: It’s not unusual for your heater to make ambient noise when running; however, you shouldn’t hear loud noises like rattling, squealing, or banging. These noises could indicate a loose part or failing component.
  • Lukewarm or Cold Air: If the heater isn’t blowing hot air consistent with what the thermostat reads, call a furnace service company to diagnose the problem.

With a routine heater tune-up, you can keep your heater running efficiently and protect yourself from sudden failure. However, once a system nears the end of its lifespan, it’s best to plan on replacing it before it fails.

If you’re in doubt about whether it’s time to replace your heater, call one of our certified technicians for an inspection.