Ways to Make the Bathroom Feel like a Home Spa

Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Create an Oasis

Bathrooms are one of the most remodeled and upgraded rooms in the home. Homeowners want to change their washrooms to a more calming and comforting environment, but the prices of upgrades can be daunting.

Homeowners don’t need to remodel the entire bathroom at once if their budget doesn’t allow for it. Changes can be made to the toilet that won’t break the bank but will create the home spa everyone craves.

1. Jump in the Shower

rain shower Today’s showerheads can hold many new built-in gadgets and cost very little to install but can create a very different atmosphere. Some come with built-in speakers, LED lights, or both.

Switching the lighting in the bathroom to dimmable bulbs, inserting waterproof speakers into the sidewalls, or changing the showerhead from the standard spigot to a rain showerhead are all additional upgrades that can help create an oasis feel without massive rounds of demo work.

2. A Tub To Live In

install a bathtub Upgrading or adding a bathtub is a great way to create a relaxing home spa. Baths have numerous health benefits and can even improve someone’s mood. It is a costlier option than replacing a showerhead, but it can transform the room. Take the old tub from its corner and replace it with a new one that doesn’t look so old-fashioned or like it can’t fit an adult. There are three main types of bathtubs available to purchase, and each brings its own unique aura to a room.

  • Alcove tubs are the most common bathtubs seen in bathrooms. They usually accompany a shower and are mostly recognized by their white, acrylic finish. This tub has three unfinished, or rough, sides and one side that flows over the outside of the tub to create a finished design. Tile can easily be installed around the rough edges to create a less flat design when upgrading these tubs.
  • Freestanding tubs are the most sought-after for their style and ability to turn any bathroom into a spa. Freestanding tubs require more room for installation as all four sides must be away from the bathroom walls. Freestanding bathtubs also don’t always allow for connected drainage with the shower, meaning they may require a shower installation somewhere else in the room. These are also the most expensive option for upgrades, as freestanding bathtubs may need water lines moved for the tub to work correctly.
  • Drop-In tubs are more elegant than the alcove tub because they usually are covered by granite, tile, or other decorations to help the tub stand out. This bathtub is positioned against one or more walls, making the drop-in tub a great choice if the homeowner wants a different feel for a tub but doesn’t want the cost of a complete renovation.

3. It’s the Small Things

Lastly, changing smaller accessories around the bathroom, such as faucets, drawer handles, towel racks, and lighting fixtures, can bring more warmth into a room without moving walls and relocating the entire bathroom setup.

Switching an LED lightbulb for a softer, incandescent bulb can pull different colors from the walls, flooring, and other surfaces. Rugs, plants, and pictures will also make the space cozier, revamping a tired bathroom into somewhere people are pleased to enter.

Homeowners sometimes overlook minor upgrades, but they can reinvent a dull bathroom into a dream oasis perfect for relaxing.

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