How to Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter!

Why Do Pipes Burst?

Burst pipes can cause extensive property damage because of water damage and mold. A burst pipe could even cause a house fire if the water reaches the home’s electrical wiring and produces sparks. This blog post shares three common reasons why pipes burst and how homeowners can prevent them from happening.

Pipes Freezing

freezing Frozen pipes are one of the most common causes of burst pipes. There are a few different ways that homeowners can keep their lines from freezing in the winter. Homeowners should open cabinets, attic, and basement doors to allow the home’s heating system to ventilate warm air to pipes in hidden spaces. 

Adding pipe insulation is the best way to keep pipes from freezing in winter. Foam pipe insulation is a popular method because it can be easily added or sprayed onto the outside of the pipes. Another way to insulate pipes is by using thin aluminum insulation tape. Fiberglass pipe insulation is a durable and long-lasting solution to insulating pipes in the winter. Pipe insulation can even help homeowners save on utility costs.  

Decay and Corrosion

corrosion When corrosion begins in the plumbing, it can eventually lead to a burst pipe because it weakens the structure of the metal. Pipes are designed to stand the test of time, but exposure to certain substances can cause a chemical reaction with the metal that starts the corrosion. 

Homeowners can help prevent the corrosion of their plumbing system by avoiding liquid drain cleaners, as the chemicals in them are corrosive and can permanently damage pipes. The best way to safely unclog a household drain is to hire a plumber for drain cleaning or to use a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Homeowners should call a professional plumber for tough clogs. 

Clogged Pipes 

Clogged pipes are another common reason pipes burst. The pressure imbalance inside the plumbing caused by a clogged drain can rupture the pipes. Routine drain cleaning by a professional can help prevent clogs from happening, therefore, also help prevent pipe bursts. Hydrojetting is an example of a professional drain cleaning service that can be used to fix difficult clogs or prevent them from occurring.

Homeowners should also be careful of what gets put down the drains and toilets in the house. Not putting cooking oil or grease down the drain and avoiding flushing the wrong things can also save homeowners from the headache of a clogged or burst sewer line. 

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