How Can Dehumidifiers Help During the Summer?

Why Is Humidity Level Important? 

The temperature of the air inside a home or business during the summer is a primary concern of the owner. Keeping the space comfortable for the family or clients is vital. However, many don’t understand that humidity and indoor air quality are equally important. 

Humidity is the amount of water vapor that the air holds. During the summer, warm air in the environment brings more humidity. This moisture permeates the home or business and has consequences like higher cooling bills and discomfort. Luckily, controlling the moisture in a home is easy with devices called dehumidifiers

How Can Dehumidifiers Help? 

dehumidifier Dehumidifiers can come as small portable units that remove moisture from a room or small living space. Whole-house dehumidifiers can also be installed as part of the central air conditioning system to control the humidity of the entire home. The purpose of these devices is to remove excess humidity in the home, especially during the summer. 

Under the best circumstances, indoor humidity levels should typically be between 40% and 60%. During the winter, dry skin and lung irritation are common when the humidity drops out of this range. During the summer, humidity can climb above 60% and cause the home to feel warm and muggy. Removing excess humidity and controlling the humidity levels in the home can make it more comfortable. 

Signs That Humidity Is Too High in a Home 

mold High indoor humidity can be a real problem. The first major problem that high humidity causes in the home is discomfort. The human body can effectively cool itself through sweating when the conditions are right. High humidity stifles this process and leads to excessive sweating but ineffective cooling. Having drier air in a space makes it feel more comfortable without an excessive accumulation of sweat. 

High humidity can also display other signs that indicate the need for a dehumidifier. When humidity climbs in a home, the risk of mold and mildew growth increases, musty odors can result from mildew and mold growth, and there may be condensation around the windows in the home. 

Benefits of Dehumidifiers 

When high humidity in a home is unchecked, the space will feel warm and uncomfortable. This can cause people to run the AC with a lower temperature on the thermostat to try and cool off. The thermostat’s setpoint can actually be raised by installing a whole home dehumidifier since the lower humidity will make it feel cooler. This can lead to noticeable savings on cooling bills. 

Another benefit of installing dehumidifiers is better indoor air quality in the home or business. Controlled humidity helps reduce the risk of mold spores in the air, and the extra filtration from the dehumidifier reduces dust and other allergens, helping reduce allergy symptoms. 

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