Don’t Forget About Maintaining the Water Heater!

Avoid a Loss of Hot Water During the Cold Months

Hot water makes life more comfortable and can help keep household members healthy and clean. Water heaters are an appliance that feeds many other fixtures and appliances that are used daily in the house, but it is often forgotten about until something goes wrong. But, this method of care can be detrimental to the household’s comfort and a homeowner’s wallet. This post will discuss how to care for a water heater, including the importance of water heater maintenance and when water heater repair is needed. 

Why Does a Hot Water Heater Need Maintenance? 

save money A water heater, even a tankless water heater, needs maintenance to function correctly and efficiently.  Not only does it improve the overall function of the water heater, but it also provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents Problems: Regular water heater maintenance will ensure the unit functions well and can help homeowners avoid the risk of issues and repairs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Maintenance will also keep the water heater working efficiently. If maintenance is neglected, the water heater can become inefficient and require more energy to function. 
  • Saves Money: A water heater that works more efficiently due to maintenance will have lower energy costs than an inefficient one. Also, preventing problems with maintenance will eliminate repair costs to fix those problems. 
  • Longer Life: A typical storage water heater lasts around 10 years, and a tankless water heater can last 20, but routine maintenance can ensure homeowners get a longer lifespan out of their water heaters and reduce the risk of an early replacement.  

A Typical Water Heater Maintenance Visit

water heater Homeowners should have their water heaters maintained on an annual basis. During a water heater maintenance visit, a plumber can inspect the system to look for any problems that need to be addressed and perform tasks to prevent issues from occurring. Some of these maintenance tasks include: 

  • Draining and flushing the water heater to remove sediment in the tank
  • Replacing the anode rod when necessary so it continues to protect the water heater from corrosion
  • Test the temperature and pressure relief valve to ensure it’s safe 
  • Check the water heater for problems, such as leaks and corrosion

Indicators of Water Heater Trouble

While routine maintenance does prevent many issues, there are occasions when a water heater will need professional attention. If a homeowner notices any of the following signs, they may need water heater repair or maintenance:

  • Loud sounds like banging, popping, hissing, etc
  • Changes in water temperature or a loss of hot water
  • Recovery time for hot water is longer than usual
  • A leak in the water heating system
  • The water looks discolored or cloudy
  • The water has a strange smell

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