What Types of Tools Do Plumbers Use on the Job?

Tools and Equipment That Plumbing Contractors Keep in Their Fully Stocked Trucks

Plumbing contractors fully stock their trucks or vans to save their customers time and money. How does a fully-stocked truck do this? Inside, plumbers keep common replacement parts so they don’t need to waste time chasing down parts for a repair. Most importantly, a fully-stocked truck holds all the tools and equipment a plumber will need to solve any plumbing problem. This article serves as a quick peek into the back of a plumber’s fully stocked truck by discussing the tools and equipment plumbers commonly use to solve their customers’ plumbing issues

Hand Tools in a Plumber’s Toolbox 

tools Hand tools commonly used by plumbers include wrenches, pliers, and pipe cutters. Plumbers may need to use several types of wrenches, such as basin wrenches, pipe wrenches, or adjustable wrenches. Pliers are used for gripping and twisting small or awkward objects. Pipe cutters cut through pipe and tubing in different shapes and diameters. 

Additionally, many plumbers keep various specialty hand tools on hand for more specific jobs. These may include flaring tools for creating flares in metal tubing and pipes, tube benders for bending hard-to-reach places, and soldering tools for connecting metal pipes. No matter what type of plumbing work is needed, hand tools are essential for any plumber’s toolbox.

Necessary Safety Equipment 

Plumbers must take extra precautions when working on a job, as there are safety hazards present in plumbing. Wearing the proper safety equipment is essential to protecting themselves and others from potential risks. Safety gear that plumbers should always have on hand includes gloves, masks, safety goggles, and sturdy boots. 

Gloves protect their hands from potential exposure to bacteria, hazardous chemicals, and sharp objects. Masks protect from dust particles, fumes, and other irritants in the air. Goggles protect plumbers’ eyes from splashes of water, debris, or chemical hazards. Lastly, steel-toe boots are essential to provide grip and traction on slippery surfaces while protecting feet from sharp objects.

Specialty Tools for Big Problems 

tools Plumbers also use specialized tools and equipment to diagnose and repair plumbing issues safely and efficiently. A hydro jet is a powerful tool for cleaning clogged drain lines using water, eliminating debris buildup that can cause blockages or backups. Snake and auger machines are also commonly used to remove clogs from drains and pipes. 

Video inspection equipment allows plumbers to see inside drains and pipes without digging them up because of a small camera and a monitor that shows what the camera is capturing. Acoustic listening devices allow plumbers to detect and locate leaks in the plumbing by amplifying the leak’s noise. These specialized tools help ensure any plumbing problems are accurately identified and quickly resolved. With the right equipment, a professional plumber can provide effective plumbing solutions with minimal fuss and disruption.

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