Why is AC Coil Cleaning Necessary?

Dirty AC Coils Impact Home Comfort and Efficiency

During the hottest months of the year, air conditioning is not only a comfort but a necessity, and to keep it working correctly, routine maintenance is essential. One aspect of proper AC maintenance is to clean the evaporator and condenser coils, which will help avoid a breakdown or inefficiency of the unit. This blog will share the importance and benefits of cleaning the air conditioner’s coils. 

Evaporator Coils

evaporator coils Evaporator coils are an integral part of every air conditioner. The evaporator coil absorbs heat from the inside air and transfers it outside, helping cool the home. The evaporator coils are filled with refrigerant and act as heat exchangers. They work by drawing in warm air, and as the warm air passes over the evaporator coils, heat is absorbed by the refrigerant, which then turns from liquid to gas.

When evaporator coils get dirty, the airflow is blocked, and energy efficiency is reduced – leading to higher cooling costs. When the airflow is blocked due to dirty coils, it can also cause the air conditioner to overheat and potentially even break down. Keeping evaporator coils clean can help ensure an air conditioning system runs smoothly and efficiently, saving money on energy, repair, and replacement costs.

Condenser Coils

condenser oils The condenser coils in air conditioners use the same refrigerant to release the heat absorbed from the home through the evaporator coil, thus helping to cool the house. As the refrigerant passes through the condenser coils of an AC unit, it releases this heat outside. The now-cooled refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve and is sent back to the evaporator coil, where it absorbs more heat from the air inside the home. The refrigerant continues to cycle through the condenser and evaporator coils until the desired temperature is reached.

Condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat from the air inside a home, so when they become dirty, they can’t efficiently release the heat, and the AC won’t work correctly. It can lead to decreased efficiency, higher energy bills, and other problems such as not cooling properly, taking longer than usual to cool the air, and costly repairs or replacements. Cleaning these coils can help the air conditioning continue functioning right and efficiently.

Coil Maintenance 

Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils involves carefully removing the unit’s exterior panels so that technicians can access the coils. They use tools and agents to carefully clean away dirt, dust, and other debris clogging up the coils. Once they have cleaned the condenser and evaporator coils, technicians will reassemble the unit’s components and check for any further issues before testing it to ensure it works properly.

Cleaning and maintenance are essential for both types of coils in an air conditioning system. It improves airflow and prevents overheating due to blockages. Regular maintenance and cleaning also help the system run more efficiently, saving energy costs and reducing indoor air pollutants, contributing to better indoor air quality. Keeping the AC’s coils clean is essential for maximum efficiency and comfort.

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