3 Signs of a Broken Thermostat

Broken Thermostat Symptoms

Thermostats are small control panels for the home’s heating and cooling system that homeowners can use to adjust the temperature and function. The thermostat can be used to turn the temperature up and down, switch from heating to cooling or turn on the fan. When the thermostat malfunctions or breaks down, it can cause problems for the entire HVAC system. 

Homeowners should know the warning signs that it’s time to replace the thermostat because it will save them money in the long run. Leaving the thermostat in a state of disrepair can lead to homeowners wasting significant amounts of money on high utility bills. 

Thermostat issues left in a state of disrepair can also cause the rest of the system to age prematurely. Homeowners should know the warning signs of a broken thermostat so technicians can work fast to get broken thermostats replaced. 

Increase In Energy Bills

bill The thermostat controls the overall function of the heating and cooling system. When it malfunctions, this can lead to homeowners paying higher energy bills than normal. A thermostat that cannot correctly read temperatures and control the system’s function can cause the system to be overworked and waste energy. 

Running for longer cycles, short cycling, or cutting on and off at random are a few problems that broken thermostats can cause that lead to higher utility bills. The trick to keeping power bills low is to optimize heating and cooling for efficiency and performance. A broken thermostat can reduce the HVAC system’s efficiency and performance. Replacing a broken thermostat can substantially lower utility costs for homeowners. 

Showing Incorrect Temperatures

readings One of the most important jobs of the thermostat is to read the temperature. The thermostat must accurately detect the temperature to tell the heating and cooling system what to do to reach the desired temperature. When the thermostat is broken, it may show an incorrect temperature or take a long time to show the correct temperature. 

It can be difficult to know the temperature inside the house when the thermostat is broken, but sometimes it is very obvious. For example, homeowners may notice that they are hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, but the thermostat reads that it is a cool 68 degrees. This would be an obvious sign that there is something wrong with the thermostat. 

When homeowners are unsure if the thermostat is correct, they can contact a local HVAC company to inspect the thermostat. Another DIY option is to place an accurate thermometer next to the thermostat and compare readings. 

System Short Cycling

Short cycling is an HVAC term for when the system cuts off too early. Short cycling often means that the heating or cooling cuts on and off repeatedly. This can cause a major increase in utility bills as the system wastes energy turning off and on. It also means more wear on the system parts that could eventually cause a breakdown and reduce the lifespan of the hardware.

A broken thermostat can often be the cause of short cycling. When the thermostat cannot detect the temperature accurately, it may start to cut off repeatedly. A thermostat that incorrectly detects temperature may turn off the air conditioning or the heat prematurely because it falsely detects the desired temperature. Homeowners should try to have thermostat problems repaired as soon as possible to avoid wasting energy and money and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. 

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