York Backflow Testing Service

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What Is Backflow?

Backflow happens when water flow reverses in your plumbing system, and contaminated water enters your clean water lines. Backflow occurs when there’s a significant change in water pressure, typically caused by a burst in the city’s main water line. The contaminated water can contain hazardous materials such as human waste, pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals, making it a serious health risk.

Our Backflow Prevention & Testing

Backflow prevention and testing are crucial for people living in apartments or condos, restaurants, and other public places where contaminated water poses a significant health risk.

Preventing backflow requires installing a safety device onto your plumbing system to prevent contaminated water from getting into your potable water system. Backflow preventers detect water pressure changes and stop the flow so the dirty water can’t get in. However, a trained professional must install and test these devices to ensure they’re working properly and that no contaminated water has gotten into your water lines.

Many municipal codes require backflow devices and annual testing to ensure they’re working correctly, and in some cases, businesses can be shut down if they fail to comply.