Emergency Heater Repair in Marietta

When Mother Nature decides to send down a deep freeze, you can’t afford to be without your heater. So, if you experience heater problems, you can count on the experts at RiverView Mechanical for emergency heater repair in Marietta, PA. Call us day or night at 717-810-7276!

RiverView Mechanical is your trusted local source for heating and furnace repair. Our technicians are highly trained, certified, and always ready to help, no matter the time.

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Emergency Heater Repairs

Having a reliable heater is essential if you live in Marietta, PA, because winters in these parts can be downright nasty. We offer a 24 hour heating repair service so you can rest easy knowing help will be on the way if you experience heating trouble.

Still, how do you know when a heating problem is an emergency? Well, only you can tell, but here are a few questions to ask before you call.

  • What’s the Weather Like? It goes without saying that when your heater breaks down during mild temperatures usually isn’t an emergency. If your home is reasonably comfortable because it’s warmer outside, it’s generally safe to wait to schedule an appointment. However, call for emergency repairs if the temperature is below freezing and your home is unbearably cold.
  • How Long is the Wait? If you only have a day to wait to make an appointment, you can probably hunker down and put on extra layers to keep warm. However, if you’re facing being without heat for several days because your heater went out at the start of a long weekend, call for help as soon as possible.

When it comes to emergency heater repair, the golden rule is, when in doubt, err on the side of caution and call a reputable HVAC company for repairs.