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Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces are beautiful centerpieces for many American homes, but traditional fireplaces require constant maintenance and cleaning and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’d like a fireplace, but don’t want to deal with the hassle, here are a few reasons to consider installing a gas-powered model.

  • Gas Fireplaces Are Realistic: It’s hard to knock the appeal of a wood-burning fireplace. The orange glow of the flames, the crackling wood, and the smell harken back to days of old. And while older gas fireplaces lacked the charm and ambiance of their wood-burning counterparts, today’s models look nearly identical with their realistic ceramic logs and embers. Gas log fireplaces give you the atmosphere and nostalgia of a traditional wood fireplace without the downsides.
  • Gas Fireplaces Are Efficient: Gas fireplaces are much more energy-efficient than other heating solutions because you have complete control over how much heat you use. Also, gas fireplaces are more environmentally friendly since you’re not burning wood.
  • Gas Fireplaces Are Easy to Use: As mentioned, wood fireplaces require a lot of work and maintenance to keep them safe and efficient. And for a lot of people, that takes more time and effort than it’s worth. Gas log fireplaces light instantly and don’t produce the same amount of combustion byproducts, which means less cleaning.
  • Gas Fireplaces Are Low Maintenance: You must hire a chimney sweep for annual chimney and fireplace cleaning to remove creosote buildup and ashes, which is an extra expense if you have a wood fireplace. On the other hand, gas fireplaces create less mess, which means you spend less time and money maintaining them and more time enjoying them.
  • Gas Fireplaces Work During Power Outages: If you rely primarily on an electric furnace or heater, you’re out of luck if the power goes out, which frequently happens in Southeast PA, especially during harsh winters. You can keep your home warm and cozy during blackouts and power outages with a gas fireplace installation.
  • Gas Fireplaces Are Safer: Because there are no burning embers to worry about when running a gas fireplace, the chance for a stray spark or ember to start a fire is eliminated, which is essential if you have children or pets.

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