Dover Emergency Heating & Furnace Repair

If your heater suddenly goes out during a deep freeze, don’t panic! Call the local experts at RiverView Mechanical in Dover, PA, for 24 hour heating repair service at 717-810-7276.

Residents in Dover know how quickly the weather can turn ugly, especially during winter. When temperatures plummet, you need a heater you can depend on to keep your family comfortable and safe.

RiverView Mechanical is a trusted 24-hour heater in repair service throughout York County. Our technicians are always ready to help, day or night when you have heating and furnace problems. We work on most major brands and back up everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We serve Dover, PA residents and the surrounding neighborhoods of:

  • Detters Mill Rd
  • Pinchtown Rd
  • Shade Gap
  • Tall Oak Estates
  • Tower Village
  • Wandering Streams
  • Weigelstown

From burst pipes to multiple clogs, contact us today to book a plumbing repair service!

York County Emergency Heater Repair

Because you depend on your heater day and night during winter, it’s crucial to call for repairs when something goes wrong. But how do you know what is and isn’t an emergency?

Here are the most common situations where calling for emergency heater repair is warranted.

  • Cold or Lukewarm Air: One of the most obvious signs you need emergency heater repair is if the system is putting out cold air or can’t get the air to the desired temperature. While this could be an issue with the air filter or thermostat, it could be something more severe, so it’s best to call for help ASAP to diagnose the problem quickly.
  • Weak Airflow: Strong airflow indicates that your heater is running at optimal conditioner. So, when you have poor airflow throughout the house, check the vents and ducts for obstructions. If the vents and ducts are clear, it could be a mechanical issue. Call a professional to determine the problem.
  • Foul Odors: The air coming out of your heater should have a neutral smell. So, if you notice that your house suddenly smells musty or moldy, or there’s a burning odor, call for emergency repair as soon as possible.
  • Loud Noise When Running: It’s normal for a heater to make an ambient sound like white noise when running, but when you hear loud grinding, squealing, rattling, or clicking, it’s wise to call a 24 hour heating repair service or risk costly system damage.