Emergency Plumbing Services in Columbia

When a plumbing emergency strikes, you can always count on RiverView Mechanical for emergency plumbing repair. In Lancaster County, call us at 717-810-7276!

There’s never a good time to have a plumbing problem, but when something drastic occurs, like a burst pipe or failed water heater, and you can’t wait for an appointment, you can count on our technicians to be there 24/7.

RiverView Mechanical is your local, trusted 24 hour plumbing service company serving residents throughout Columbia, PA, with fast, efficient repairs day or night.

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Columbia Emergency Plumbing Repair

Sometimes, it’s clear when you have to call for emergency plumbing repairs, like in the case of a burst pipe. However, it may not be obvious in other instances, but waiting for help could mean more significant damage and expensive repairs.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

The first thing to think about is what constitutes a plumbing emergency. Water leaks that may seem minor now can escalate quickly, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Here are the most common plumbing situations that warrant calling for help as soon as possible.

  • Flooding: If your home is in danger of flooding because of a burst pipe, sump pump failure, or overflowing toilet, it’s crucial you call for help immediately to minimize the damage and solve the problem.
  • Burst or Leaking Pipes: Whether it causes a flood or not, call an emergency plumber if you have a leaking pipe. Even minor leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water in a short time, and while the damage may not be visible now, you could end up with a mold and mildew infestation down the road.
  • Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes are a common problem in Lancaster County. Not only do they stop the water flowing in your home, they’re one of the most common causes of burst pipes. If your pipes freeze, call for help as soon as possible to avoid potential leaks and water breaks.
  • Overflowing Toilet: When a toilet clogs and overflows, you risk contaminant-filled wastewater backing up into your home, putting your family at risk of disease. Many issues can cause a toilet to overflow, so it’s best to call an emergency plumber to diagnose and repair them as quickly as possible.
  • Failed Water Heater: Although your hot water tank may not seem that large if it fails, there’s no way to contain that much water in a short time quickly. So, if you notice puddles of water around the tank’s base, you must call for help immediately to avoid a potential flood on your hands.

A good rule of thumb about calling an emergency plumber is: If you’re in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of caution and call for help than to take the risk.